That Matter

We conduct workshops and courses that are focused on questioning some of the established myths about learning. They are centered around enhancing awareness of 'Self' to bring in new perspectives on education and learning. 


The consulting process includes,
- sensitizing school founders and teachers on the journey of self-learning children

- the journey of creating a self-learning environment including handling children, subjects, classroom layout and conducting a class  

- discovery of the right content through open and prescribed courseware

- developing active parent involvement in the child's education and the learning environment

- create a sense of pride in children

- deconstructing modernity in education

Asli Shiksha works with schools, teachers and students through unique long-term transformative processes to create a self-learning environment.

If you are a school or a set of parents concerned about the way the education is presented and perceived, contact us to begin a conversation which may lead to a positive journey.

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