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Online Workshop: Indian Perspectives On Modern Education

Online education workshop invitation

Modern education is stressful for everyone connected with it – students, teachers and parents.


- Excessive curriculum

- Years of effort

- Brutal competition

And the fearful image of the board exams, the stress appears to be built into the very fabric of how the education is set up and delivered. We go through an expensive and elaborate process of education that finally results in us becoming mindless imitators (imitation implies a lack of selfconfidence) failing to live up to our potential. It is worth remembering that the British system of education (which we continue to propagate) was set up to create slaves and it appears to be doing its job well even today.

The premise of the ‘Indian Perspectives On Modern Education’ workshop is that as individuals we cannot change the system but we can understand how it works and what its effects are on us. Understanding the nature of the system and its workings allows us to think of appropriate strategies to deal with it and potentially reduce the stress it puts on us. In the 3-hour online workshop we will discuss modern Indian education using relevant excerpts from the ‘Learning to learn’ books (that talk about what an ideal education can look like) and audio-visual material from the 'Understanding Modern Education - An Indic Perspective' Udemy course authored by workshop facilitator Arun.

Who is it for?

The online workshop, to be conducted over a Zoom call, is meant for parents and teachers interested in understanding modern education in the Indian context.


The workshop fee is ₹ 900 per person. The conversation will continue on WhatsApp after the workshop is over.

If you are unable to participate in the workshop but are still interested to learn more, you can buy the ‘Learning to learn’ books here and the Udemy course here.

Date and Time:

Sunday, 10th September, 2023. 10:00 AM to 1 PM.


education workshop facilitators, arun and kanti

Arun Elassery, an alumnus of IIT Kharagpur, is the founder director of Asli Shiksha. He has three decades of experience in Engineering, e-learning and Education. His books on "Learning to Learn" seek to bring a fresh perspective to learning and education.

Kanti Ratna, with a masters degree in Computer Science, chose to remain a housewife, and was the primary organizer and facilitator as her three children grew up without going to school.


For more details: Call/ WhatsApp Dinkar Elassery at 9740264664 | email:

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