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Mastering Subjects the Natural Way

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ExamMAXX empowers your child to navigate the entire 9th standard NCERT science syllabus in just 3 weeks of 1 hour classroom time per day.
Difficult to believe? Read on...

Cutting through the clutter

Traditional science textbooks fall short when it comes to capturing the attention and interest of young learners. Filled with an overwhelming amount of information, these textbooks are boring and difficult for children to go through. At AsliShiksha, we've streamlined textbooks into ExamMAXX, simplifying chapters without missing out on any major concepts. 


What sets ExamMAXX apart

Why do we need another initative in the crowded science teaching market? Here are some compelling reasons:

  • At the heart of ExamMAXX is an activity that gives the students the time and space to consolidate their learning while creating a single-page, visual, chapter summary.

  • The program is an easy, self-directed science overview program. It is not a replacement but an add-on to school-work, tuition classes and coaching centres.

  • The program is designed by an IITian, author, educationist father and his homeschooled son who both know how to make efficient, confident self-learning happen. (Read about us here)

  • The philosophy behind ExamMAXX is based on the Integral Education of Sri Aurobindo and is detailed out in two of our books on 'Learning to Learn'. (Buy the books here)

Effortlessly MAXXing exams

After going through our 15 day program, your child will have created excellent revision material that can be used to get a complete overview of the subject at a glance. When combined with your child's ongoing school curriculum, the ExamMAXX program becomes a powerful complement ensuring that your child effortlessly maximizes their exam performance. All this in only 15 days. EASY, FUN and FAST.

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Enroll today!

ExamMAXX is currently available for students of 9th standard NCERT Science (8th and 10th standard NCERT science to follow soon). 
We operate out of Vijaya Bank Layout, South Bangalore. We also offer an online version. Get in touch!

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