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Workshop on Self-Learning Fundamentals

The two books on ‘Learning to Learn’ lay out the theory and practice of how children can learn on their own. In the proposed workshop on self-learning, the participants and the facilitators will together go through the first book, ‘Learning to Learn – An Introduction’, in detail. It is expected that the discussions around the content of the book and introspection on the lived experience of the participants will help bring clarity on how children can become confident self-learners.

Mode: The workshop will have a maximum of 10 participants and will be conducted over a Zoom call.

Date and Time: Sunday, 14th May, 2023. 9:00 AM to 1 PM.

Cost: A copy of the two ‘Learning to Learn’ books will be couriered to all the participants. The cost, inclusive of the two books, is ₹ 2,500 per participant.

Facilitator: Arun Elassery, an alumnus of IIT Kharagpur, is the founder director of Asli Shiksha ( He has three decades of experience in Engineering, e-learning and Education. His books on "Learning to Learn" seek to bring a fresh perspective to learning and education. Arun's three children were home-schooled.


A blog post about the ‘Learning to Learn’ books is available here

A video introduction to the ‘Learning to Learn’ books is available here

Contact: For more details: Call/ WhatsApp Dinkar Elassery at 9740264664 | email:

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